Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Update Google of multiple domains, if related

This post is for big websites, business peoples who are delivering their services, products and other articles across the nations or in multiple countries.

Such types business have multiple domoins as one for each country. Like example.com is a business website providing its service over the world like America, Uk, Japan, China etc..

So, to get priority in SERP or make Public language convinient, they buy different domains for each country. But, How to tell Google or Other Search Engine that they all are related to a single business.

For this, You can use 1 of the below 3 methods:

  • HTML link element in header. In the HTML **head> section of http://www.example.com/, add a link element pointing to the Spanish version of that webpage at http://es.example.com/, like this: ***link rel="alternate" hreflang="es" href="http://es.example.com/" />
  • HTTP header. If you publish non-HTML files (like PDFs), you can use an HTTP header to indicate a different language version of a URL: Link: ***http://es.example.com/>; rel="alternate"; hreflang="es"
  • Sitemap. Instead of using markup, you can submit language version information in a Sitemap.

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