Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Interview Question for SEO job

  1. What is sandbox ?
  2. What is WOT (Web of trust)
  3. How to create a custom url for google plus page ?
  4. What is manual penalty and how to check it ?
  5. How can we change the crawling rate of a website.
  6. What is soft errors ?
  7. What is ideal load time for a page ?
  8. What is ideal page size ?
  9. No. of links, we can use on a webpage ?
  10. What is rich snippet, its type and when use it ?
  11. How to check CTR on Navigation buttons of the web-page?
  12. How many ads we can run on a Webpage?
  13. How to optimize urls ? Or rule of optimization or What should be the ideal length of a url?
  14. Text:html  ratio is very low in case of shopping website. Will Google peanlize such web-sites ?
  15. What are the SEO friendly pagination rules ?
  16. How to generate leads.
  17. How many methods or strategies, we can use to generate leads?
  18. Some best websites to generate leads?
  19. Is meta tags compulsory for each webpage?
  20. What is site-links and how to do that or generate?
  21. Is it necessary, each webpage should be accessible by atleast 1 text link.
  22. What is 301, 200,302 rules ?
  23. What is google disavow tool and how to take out a website from Google penalty zone?
  24. What is google formula’s and how to use it?

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