Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Google Webmaster Tool for website health status

Google offers a lots of tools but webmaster tool is one of the best and free tool which gives you the best analytics details of your website. It gives the detailed information of website status and also offers ways to sort out all this issues.  

GWT provides following information:

1.       Crawl rate of website.
2.       Index status
3.       Rich snippet used in website or not
4.       Organic keywords and their position through which, traffic or visitors are coming
5.       Find code for custom search bar for your blog or website.
6.       Manual penalty status – Is website get penalized by any update or cause to any on-page errors.
7.       Number of site-links to your site.
8.       Keyword density on your webpage.
9.       Add/Remove sitemap.
10.   A detailed brief about structured data. Which we can use to  highlight the events in google search pages and for lots of purpose.

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