Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to generate Leads

There are following ways to generate Leads for e-commerce portals and other small business portals:

  1. E-mail Marketing - Track or Get to know your right and interested audience in your business and send e-mails about your new business or products.
  2. Referral - It is one of the best way to attract new audience, entice them by lucrative offers or scores which they can encash somewhere.
  3. Invite friends - Create application or set condition at the end of registration form, which ask users in last to invite your interested friends in this service or products.
  4. Freebies - Distribute freebies to some first customers 
  5. Paid Advertisement - Run campaigns on facebook, twitter, Google adwords, Yahoo and Bing to generate some Organic Leads. 
  6. Bookmarking - Target audience via bookmarking sites. Some sites gives very good response like Delicious, stumbleupon, reddit etc
  7. Content Sharing - Create effective content and share it on article directories like articlesbase.com etc
  8. Presentation sharing - Create a beautiful and attractive presentation and distribute them on social sites like scribd, slideshare etc
  9. Video Sharing - Video sharing is one of the effective visual way to attract customer. It gives much better understanding of business or products to customers
  10. News Sharing - News portal is highly appreciated and trusted forum by audience. People admits that News published on this channel can never be fraud.
  11. Go ahead and generate maximum leads for your business.

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