Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What is SEO

SEO - Stands as Search Engine Optimization. It is technique to increase traffice from organic or free listing on search engine response page (SERP). All major search engines like google, bing, yahoo, msn etc shows these result in respect of search queries. Google shows 10 result per page.


 Simple and General Defination - SEO stand as search engine optimization, that means optimization of search engine. Optimization means utilization, utilization of search engine for personal benefits. So, In Simple, The complete, maximum and proper use of serach engine (google, bing, yahoo) to achieve our target, our goals, our job is called SEO

Now, YOU ARE THINKING - What is our targets, goals or jobs So, It is simple, we want to rank or position our website (for which we are doing seo) on top 10 results or on top 3 results.

EXAMPLE - RAM owns a readyment clothes shop and want to expand his business across the city or state or country. And so, makes website related clothes designs and offers. And want, when any customer or internet user type fancy shirt or clothes or anything related to clothes, His websites appears on top, so that customer can see his products and can make purchase online. To ACHIEVE this target, goal, he need to do seo for his sites, So that, his website appear on top. Because, on internet lakhs of sites related to clothes or other things are present, so compete this, he need to do seo on his clothes websites.

Benefits of SEO : Genereate Revenue or can earn Hansome online Money

SEO is also very important from the revenue generating view. You can earn a handsome money by having good command in seo. In other countries, seo has great charm, a big demand always exist for seo experts from job point of view. Whatever you sees on internet to earn money online is nothing, but "SEO". You indirectly get involved in SEO proceses and get only some small bucks. You do marketing online by sharing, promoting, by clicking emails (delivered in your e-mail box), clicking on advertisement links etc. And the real player behind all this scenario got big bucks (or big amount) as comparision to you.

You even can promote your Business or even can make deal with other enterprenuers to promote their business online and in return can charge some money (finalized at the time of deal). There is no limit on earning of seo expert. Peoples earning in several lacs by enhancing their skills in SEO field (a wide growing field at a high pace).

There are lots information on internet available to guide and help you in understanding seo, what is seo, how to learn. A wide range of seo tutorials are available just need to give a small part of your precious time.

Seo Learning will surely makes good effect on people earning. So, It will be best for you, not to be entrap in online lucrative offers which takes big time and gives a small returns. Learn Seo and enhance your skills, business and etc.
Even, You can work from home and no time boundation. Just required some efforts in right directions.

We Divide SEO in Two Parts                      

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO - As Name suggests, the efforts, changes, work-out done (or employed) on external body or   outside the website pages. this includes -

  1. Article Submission
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Forum Posting
  5. Classified Submission
  6. Question-Answers Submission (or QA - Submission)
  7. Press Release Submission
  8. Story Submissison
  9. E-Book Submission
  10. Blogging
  11. Blog Comments
  12. Quest Posting
On-Page SEO -Simple and easy, As suggested by name, the efforts or work-out, we done on our website, websites pages is called ON PAGE SEO.

  1. Title Optimization
  2. Tags Optimization
  3. Image Optimization
  4. Templete Optimization
  5. Header-Footer Optimization
  6. Content Optimization
  7. Meta tags Optimization and a lots of more.   

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