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SEO Glossary for Beginners

It will make you familier with basic terms of SEO

Black Hat Seo - It is opposite of white hat seo. It's also called spamming. Black Hat Seo can be defined as devil tactics, techniques used by website owners (or promoters) to get high rank value in a short period of time. Google and other search engines do not like such practices and punish the site by de-indexing it forever.

Ways to avoid penalties from searcg engine:

  • NO keyword, url, anchor text stuffing
  • No creation of artificial links to your sites and site's pages.
  • No duplicate content.
  • No hiddent text on website pages  .
  • Only relevant links to and from your websites.
  • keyword density should be between 3-10.
  • No excessive outbound links to unrelevant sites.
White Hat Seo - It is genuine practice and tactics used to gain high rank and page rank in search engine. Google and other search engine gives more credit and respect to such ethical seo practice. There is no fear and effect of google updates on such websites.

Blacklist - It is a list maintained by search engine to stop spamming. This list contains the id (or IP address of system) which caught proliferating the spam.

Body Copy - It is textual part of web page. Which provide deep details about the page.

Bot - It is search engine spider which crawl the websites and their updated content. It is also called as search engine crawler. There is no limit of crawling. 

Cache - It is locally stored copies of pre-visited sites and their pages. Which makes loading of pages fast because this time data is not fetch from internet server but from user own cache memory.

Click through Rate - The rate at which peoples click on the link showed google results or on and banner.

Cloaking - It is also devil tactic to get undue link juice and high rank in google result. In this, crawler and visitor, both get different and unrelevant content. 

Conversion - The act of conversion from visitor to customer is called conversion.

Example - Suppose a man visit a shopping site and get something (or deo) interesting and buy it. so, now man is customer as he did purchase.

Conversion Rate - The rate at which visitor turns into customer.

Example - Suppose, A shopping site visited by 100 people daily. But purchase is only made by 70. Then 70% is conversion rate.

Cookie - It is combination of user id and session which is stored in user computer to make a isolation from new visitor to old visitor.

Cost per Action - It is the cost incurred by advertiser on some specific action like clicks, downloading, printing etc

Cost per Lead - The amount paid on completion of certain task.

Cost per Sale -  The cost paid by advertiser of completion of certain sale target.

Exact Match -  In this, the maketing keywords of website or products are completely matched with search query or keywords in google.

Forums - A virtual platfrom where people share their views, knowledge and assist and give replies to other forum's member queries.

Google Analytics - It is a free tool offererd by search engine to get detail knowledge of site health, traffic, source of traffic, performance of website, it's pages and content.

Google Dance - It is scenario when google index is updated. 

Google Traffic Estimator - It is a free tool which to indicate search volume, average cost per click, estimated clicks per day etc.

Hallway Page - It is also called index page just like in any book's starting page which has links to all other pages in the website. If search engine bots crawls it (or hallway page), then surely all pages will be crawled, whose links are on hallway page.

Home Page - It is main page of the website which provide basic and initial details about the service or products offered by mechandizer or owner.

HTTP 301 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that requested url has been permanently removed to another url.

HTTP 400 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that request query is not unstandable by server or bad requested query.

HTTP 401 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that unauthorized access to the documents available on internet.

HTTP 403 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that server understood the request but uncapable to full it now.

HTTP 404 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that server does not request document. or document is no longer available.

HTTP 500 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that there is an internal error in the server. And so request can not be entertained

HTTP 501 - Status Code Definition - It indicates that server can not recognized the requested method.

Impression - The number of times site name appeared/ displayed in the search engine result page (or serp) by google or bing or yahoo for particular query.

Inbound Link - These indicates your site address from other web pages or sites.

Index - It is a database, maintained by search engine, about details of website and their pages crawled by bots / crawler.

Inlinks - Just like inbound link.

Internal Link - Links from one page to another page of same website.

Keyword Density - It is defined as number of presence or occurrence of particular word to all words on a page of website. Keyword desity should be between 3-10.

Keyword Matching - It is similarity between the search query and the result in respect of search query. It is divided in three parts - exact matching, broad match, prase match.

Keyword Popularity - The number of search for a particular keywords or words in a particular time period.

Keyword Prominence - It is the location of the keyword  in the html code of a website. More weightage will be assigned to word / keyword written at top to at bottom.

Keyword Research - The search of keywords which best suit to your business.

Landing Page - It is the page where people lands on a click of advertisement.

Link Building - It is process to show presence of our business on other websites through leaving a link.

Meta tags - It is combination of meta title, meta description, meta keywords.

Meta Title - It is short and brief description, hidden in html coding of a page. It is displayed in serp.

Meta Description - It is short description about the page or website. It plays an important role by providing short details about site in serp.

Meta Keywords - It is set of best keywords which represent your site in serp on search.

Page Rank - It is weightage provided by google on the basis of quality of content and links to the sites. It varies between 0 to 10.

Page View - Number of times, your site page access by visitor.

Pay Per Click - The amount paid to publisher by advertiser on each clicks (made by visitor).

Repeat Visitor - It is indivisual who access a single (or particular) site, multiple times within a particular time period.

Replica - A duplicate copy of document.

Serp - Search engine result page. It is a response page in respect of search query.

Spider - Nickname of google crawler or bot.

Unethical Seo - The bad practice to gain high rank in search engine for particular keyword search.

Unique Visitor - The number of distinct indivisuals visit your site.

Xenu - It is a tool to track the broken links. It helps in improving quality of website.


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