Saturday, 12 January 2013


Tags Optimization - When we talks about or do tags optimization, we majorly focus on three key points :

  1. Title Opimization
  2. Description Optimization
  3. Keywords Optimization
Title Optimization: Title is very important key factor in SEO World. It tells the search engine crawler, online visitors or customers about the page of website. It gives deep sense or knowledge, about the page. What page representing in a short one line description.

Points to be remember while doing title optimization:

  • Title length should not be more 65 characters as per  gooogle guidelines.
  • It should be concise and should impart (or give) appropriate, accurate and exact knowledge about the page.
  • Search Engine, first crawls the title of the page, so writer should give utmost care while writing title.

Description Optimization: It is second most important part of tags optimization. It gives complete and full detail knowledge about your page or trade or products to online visitors or customers. It should comprise of complete and full details of your products or trade so that online visitors get interest in your product and make monetary action to complete your desired goals.

Keywords Optimization: It is third (but not last) most important part for on-page optimization. To achieve keyword optimization, you have to make a list of keywords that best relevant to your product or trade or service (You are offering online). It is very helpful, in displaying your website in SERP for particular keywords.

EXAMPLE : Suppose your are offering online ticket booking service. So, You should select best keywords which are related to service you are offering like - book tickets online, cheap movie tickets, cinema tickets, online show booking etc ...

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