Saturday, 12 January 2013


Image Opimization: Image is one of most important part to promote any online bussiness. By seeing the image people gets most of details about the trade, business and products.

Example: If we see a burger, pizza pics on a site, It is understood that website owner offering food service, if we sees some mechanical tool pic, it is understood that owner offering auto-mechanical service.

  • Where to place image (top placement and side placement is considered to best) and of which size (image size from 300 x 300 px To 1250 x 1250 px is considered best size for image).
  • ALT Tag should be given, in case of any problem in opeining of image
  • Image Title should be provided, so that visitor get sured about the products.
  • Image should be between 300 to 1250 pixels.

Header-Footer Optimization: They play a important role in on page optimization. It should provide full details for author, page number or post number, signature of author, heading of page etc.

Template Optimization: It attracts the user to your site. It gives a cool feeling to your site visitors. It organizes your page content, titles, navigation links, images, sitemaps in attractive and decent pattern. So, site owner should give utmost care while selecting the template for their web pages. It should be visitors friendly, It should be sounding.

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