Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Common spelling mistakes that can be avoided

In this era of generation X when we are in the tech savvy world, all the typing is left to keyboards and correction is left to Google. Today I came across a very tricky situation in which I found the way I wrote “definately” for so many years was completely wrong and it was correctly spelled as “definitely”. Coming as a shocker, like everyone of newbie technical generation it was time for me to go to Guru Google and verify. Surprised you would be who do not know, “Definitely” is the write spell and “ definately” is a big red NO.

The interest in finding one errors brought me to a list of most common spell errors of words we use on regular basis and have probably been spelling wrong.

Indite; another common accusation word is correctly spelled as indict. The green leafy vegetable is BROCCOLI not Brocolli.  Not so common yet another word that might surprise you is “consensus” or “conscensus”. No need to be surprised it’s the first one which is correct. You all might be knowing these but still they rank in top 10 misspelled words:-Prejudice not predjudiceand Bureaucracynot Beaurocracy.

I hope you find the information good, I will be sharing more interesting facts in the coming days.

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