Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tips to promote video over the internet

  • Upload those videos only that your audience will like. In other words, Post video for your audience not for robots or search engines.

  • Your videos should be easy to access. Means group the category videos. So that people can browse them easily. 

  • Use interactive element to connect with uses Ex - take their feedback via forms, quize etc.

  • Give Relevant Description of video. 

  • Give Transcription of videos. So that, your audience can read and get know about the video if they don't have all tools

  • Interlinking of video. Give your website link in description of your video.

  • Be sure that you also have a video sitemap, so that, crawlers or robots get know about all video database you have.

  • Share your videos or their links on social forums like facebook etc

  • Let other peoples to share their videos also

  • Use proper tools to track the impact and way forward strategy 

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