Friday, 8 February 2013

Google Panda Effects

Google has released its panda for the 2013. As we have inform you earlier this is first panda #24 for the year 2013. It had effected 1.2 english queries. All Panda's before this only affects or punish particular page that got entrap in spamming. But this time, panda punished the complete site for doing spamming. 

So, Its mean google search engine, with each panda release with time, stricting its rules, policies and regulation. No spammer can be escaped or got any sympathy. Website owners have to be more sincere and genuine in promoting their business. Short term  rank gaining strategy or taking help black hat seo even can ban complete site in serp, if caught by google panda or penguin. So, use white hat seo and genuine and unique content on your site. Take links only from relative sites. Do not get entrap in lucrative offers for good rank in short period etc.

Be align with search engine rules and guidelines and enjoy the long term benefits.    

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