Saturday, 12 January 2013


  • Social Bookmarking : It is one of best and fast way to collect back links and traffic to your websites. As name suggest, we place (or do sumbission) in social sites where peoples comes in large volumes and get expose to your product link (or website details). If they find, it interesting, clicks on link provided by you at the time of submission. 
Things to Keep in Mind While Social Bookmarking:
  1. Write appropriate title related to your product.
  2. Give Appropriate and interesting description.
  3. Give related keywords .
  4. And fill the all details asked in the form.
  5. Social Bookmarking has been done.
Sites for Social Bookmarking:
  • www.bukmax.net
  • www.ifaves.com
  • www.blinklist.com
  • www.youmob.com
  • www.delicious.com

Forum Posting : Forum is one of best and unique way to collect high value back links to your websites. Forums are general platform to share your queries, view, news etc with other forum members.

Way to Do Forum Posting:
  1. First select the appropriate forum, related to your product or website (example- if you own a travel website  then choose travel forums).
  2. Select the appropriate category inside the forum.
  3. Find the right query and give reply with a link (targeting your website).
  4. Now, you have done.
Sites for Travel Posting :
  • www.indiamike.com
  • www.tripadvisor.com

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