Saturday, 12 January 2013


E-Book Submission :  It is one and simple way to collect backlinks for our trade or website. In it, we just submit a e book of minimum 500 words , add links in between the description (directing to our trade or website) and then submit to e-book sites. It is very helpful for internet users. 

REMEMBER : Information provided in the e-book should be correct and upto the ebook submission sites guidelines.

How to Do PR-Submission:
  1. Make registration on E-Book Sites.
  2. Then login, click on submit E-Book.
  3. Fill the form details as asked.
  4. You have done.

Sites for E-Book Submission :
  • www.ebooksnbytes.com
  • www.ebooktags.com
  • www.ecourseweb.com
  • www.free~ebooks.net

Blogging : Blogging is unique and oldest way to express their views on particular topics, events, issues, problems. We can follow blogs of other peoples to know about their status as per our interest.
Backlinks obtains through blogs are of high quality.

How to Do PR-Submission:
  1. Make registration on www.blogger.com.
  2. Then login, give a default name to blogger profile..
  3. click on new posts and a new window will be appeared containing title, description, labels etc
  4. create title, description (your views or can give backlink in the description),
  5. click on preview and then publish. 
  6. You have done.


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