Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Expiry Meta Tag

There are many types of meta tags. But most of the agencies focus on some or only 3 meta tags which are Title tag, Description, Tag, Keywords Tag.

Suppose your client has few awesome products , documents or any useful item which all has a particular validation period or after a particular season or time, They will be outdated or will be removed from the website automatically.

Your website has removed all such products but Google didn't updated its database. In this case, soft errors and non existing URL will increase. And at last, Your website authority will go down due to all this.

EX- Suppose there is coupon website dealing with various brands. As you know all coupons have some life span, after passing that, they are useless.

Then, Problem is how to update Google about this change. So, answer of all this is Expiry Meta Tag.

You Just need to add this meta on each web-page in header section.


<meta name="expires" content="tue, 01 Jun 2010">

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